Years have passed.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life quite yet. I have no clue what I am feeling and quite frankly I don’t know what the future holds at all. I am kind of freaked out.

I keep telling myself everything will work out but I get the feeling something big is coming and I’m really quite scared.

I just hope I’m ready for whatever is to come.


Day 15 – 9/20/12

I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Ugh.


I feel like I haven’t done anything in the past two weeks. CRAP.

Maybe I’ll go to the Valdez’s today.

Day 0 – 8/4/12

Said goodbye to my best friend. He left for college today.

We stayed up all night (besides the few times I fell asleep, and woke back up) watching tons of movies, and just laughing.

Woke up at almost 8 am after falling asleep at 5:30. They left, I cried, then they came back 30 minutes later because they forgot something. It was quite funny. The second goodbye is so much more awkward than the first because you already thought they were gone…

But they’re officially gone (parents come back Sunday, however).

So mostly today I will be working, cleaning, and hanging out at my lovely home away from home.



Usually, my family fights Sundays. I DON’T know why, but my dad is ALWAYS all agitated EVERY sunday, and argues with everyone.

BUT TODAY! Today has been amazing(: me and my dad had a little (okay, medium) sized spat earlier, but it’s been perfect besides that.

And just a few minutes ago, Shannon was super sweet to me.

It’s definitely not a normal day. But I’m loving it.

She says to me, “Amanda, WHY don’t you have a boyfriend yet. You’re so good looking.”

Exact words. “Good looking.” I don’t know what eight year old says that, but it doesn’t matter. It made me so happy. (I think she was thinking about it though because while she was playing dolls, Tinkerbell was trying to look for a boyfriend… SO it wasn’t completely random.)

And gahhh . I just love today. This morning my mom and I went and did like a 3 hour long photoshoot for me out in some park, and on The Mound. The pictures were just ehh, because most of them are VERY posed, and I was hoping to do a more not-so posed photoshoot like all the kids are doing these days. But I forgot my mom may be really good with a camera, but mostly for posed shots.

But that was fun, and then I came home, changed, and went to church. Which I kinda zoned out of the entire time, but it still was good. Then Sis. Eppley talked about making our homes a more peaceful and happy environment, and that’s what I want to do.

So now, I’m inspired to SUPER clean my house (once again, and try to KEEP it clean), DECORATE it (there’s nothing pretty on the walls), SCHEDULE dinners, and help make them (we REALLY need to eat healthier… LIKE reallyyyy badly), and lastly, just spend time with my sisters more. I love them to death, and I want them to know that.

I hope everyone else is having as great a day as I am(:

The guitar necklace Evan gave me – (YES, I looked it up, I had too… AND now I’m wondering if HE has the guitar pick that says “lucky” on it)

I love Valentine’s Day.

Okay, it’s not Valentine’s Day YET, but already, I love it.

Today, I had to work from 2:30-10:30 and REALLY didn’t want to because I wanted to hanging out with Evan, and Jr and everyone else, AND Jr had said that him & Evan were going to visit and it had been like 3 hours that had passed since he said that, so I was kind of mad.

Then, this girl comes in (apparently she had asked my manager Clares for me, but I didn’t know this till later) with her friend & some guy and asks me to help her find a gift for her little sister. A pink, sparkly shirt. I work at Justice for Girls; pink and sparkly ISN’T exactly uncommon there. So, I was kind of confused what she was looking for, so I go ask Clares who was folding the jean wall. And THEN! Pops out Evan, holding a stuffed animal and roses. I just about died.

THEN! He’s all, “Chocolate!” and there’s Joe throwing him a heart-shaped chocolate box. Then he’s all, “Other chocolate box!” and Jr comes running over and throws it to him (Jr went to the wrong side so that’s why he was running over.. haha). Then he’s all, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I was smiling so much my face was hurting.

Clares LOVED it, too. Almost more than I did. She was FREAKING out and even dragged Evelyn from the bathroom to come watch.

And after ALL that, Evan has me turn around and he puts a necklace on me (it’s so cute- it has a guitar on it too!!). I honestly can’t ask for a better suprise.

Then he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, I died of happiness, gave Joe da hoe a hug, then Jr a hug, then Evan another hug. It was the best thing of my life.

And that was my day(:

OH! and earlier on break, I walked past some thug looking guy and he was all, “DAMN girl!” I just about died of laughter right then and there. Hilarious.

Best day ever(:

Saturday, February 5th.

Is that wedding bells I hear?

Yes, I am apparently getting married, once again. (I have had a few “husbands” [and wives…]).

And now apparently, I am engaged to Evan. According to his bus driver.

So, Saturday night Evan asks if I want to go to the mall. So I do, and I meet him, Mike, Jr, and Jacob there. We walk around basically the ENTIRE mall (it’s a LONG walk to, because Grapevine Mills Mall is one story and huge) and Evan has been hinting he’s going to do something, but I have no idea what it is.

Finally, I get what he was talking about. He takes me by the hand and forces me into a diamond store and tells the Indian man that he is looking for an engagement ring. I swear my face has never been SO red. I was so embarrassed.

We of course can’t find anything (and we’re not really getting engaged) and leave. Gosh, I was so embarrassed.

Later, Mike and Jacob have to leave so it’s just Evan, Jr, and I. THEN, we see the Group USA store with all the wedding dresses. LIGHTBULB, Evan suggest we go look for a wedding dress.

Hardy Har-Har.

But we go in and just look at dresses for like ever.

Eventually we get bored, and leave. (Oh! Did I mention me and Evan were holding hands the entire time too? And apparently there’s some he gives 90%, I give 10% hand-hold rule…)

And then we get bored of the mall, and leave to Jr’s house. But Evan’s dad calls and says he has to come home ASAP, so he drops off Jr and me n Jr just chill at his house with Hot Joe and Joe-da-Hoe. And Jayda of course.

I FINALLY sing with Jr (fall for you) and he of course tells Evan it was amazing (I really CAN’T sing, at all). And it’s kinda fun. Hanging out with them all.

Then, it’s like 11, so I go home.

The end. 🙂 haha .

Friday, February 4th.

Friday, Friday, Friday.

February 4th, 2011 was one of the best days ever.

Basically it went like this:

12:40ish- Go over to Cannon’s. Walk to some park with Cannon, Jr, Evan, and Joe.

Later, Jacob joins us.

We slide down the hill a bunch of times, then attempt to make some kind of fort, fail, then have a big snowball fight.

Walk to Evan’s house, watch Tosh.0, then the Linkin Park concert on MTV.

Jr and Evan try to get me to sing, and fail. (Later on, I slightly sing to fall for you while Jr is on the piano, but Evan was standing right next to me so i was as quite as possible.)

During the Linkin Park Concert, Marissa comes over.

They try to fix the XBOX and fail. So they settle on some Fox game, & Mario Kart.

Hannah comes over.

Me and Evan are sitting by each other and holding hands(:

Laterrr, we watch Cast Away. I keep getting told how pretty I am, CONSTANTLY. And he kept kissing my hand.

After Cast Away, Evan gives me a back massage (it was heavenly) and sings to me while doing this (also heavenly). And the whole time he kept kissing my shoulders and neck. Which sent literal CHILLs down my spine.

Everyone starts going home, and eventually it’s just me and Evan.

I knew it was coming, like really knew. Evan laughs, and I’m all “What?” and he’s all it’s nothing, it’s stupid. And I’m all OKAY now you have to tell me. And he says:

“I really want to kiss you.”

My oh-so-stupid line:

“Then, why don’t you?”

Then we kiss. It was like in the movies. Fireworks.

Even if he wasn’t a very good kisser… haha.

But it was magical. And I loved every minute of it.

10:30 – My dad comes to pick me up. And I go home.

That was my magical Friday. Our first kiss.