Church, church, and more church…


WOW. There are A LOT of churches out there…

Too many to be exact.

It’s kind of crazy. How do people choose one? There are Muslims, Amish, Mormons, just plain Christians, Buddhists, Jewish, Protestant, and a heck of a lot more… (sorry if most of those are divisions within Christianity. They are just off the top of my head.)

I am already part of a church, but I’m not so sure about it. Then again, I’m young. But, I am very curious about other faiths, and other people of those faiths. And after researching about a lot of them I found a lot of shocking things, that I guess shouldn’t be SO shocking?

I found so many articles of rape, murder, and many other extremely saddening things that are happening within these religions. But, people are people, and even if they look good, they apparently can be bad. Very bad.

Is it true there’s only one true religion? Couldn’t there be more than one?

Or couldn’t we just be good, repenting, and prayerful and be good enough?


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