Heart & Soul

I have just about the best friend ever.

She’s pretty, funny, and is the sister I never had. (Even though I have 3 sisters…) She’s practically my twin and I love her so much.

But, recently a boy ruined her heart. Now, she’s sad, and always feeling sorry for herself. She always is talking to me about this stuff and it’s just so sad cause pity is never good. She needs compassion.

So question: Is there somewhere out there for everyone? Because she’s not the only one feeling like there’s no one out there. I mean, I do, too. In 30 years, I see myself being a full-time nurse, who works ALL the time with a gazillion pets. I won’t be married, have kids, or even own a real house. I’ll be alone. Why? Not sure. That’s just what it feels like it’s gonna be. Where are all the soul mates? I’m tired of waiting for mine… But who knows? Maybe I’ll be happy being alone.



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