New semester. New classes.

So, first and second period I have a class at the CCE (career center east), and it’s called Health Science Technology (because I want to be a nurse). And I have it with Evan.

Goodness. So, once again I like Evan. But it’s not just a crush, I think he is one of the most perfect people ever. Which sounds lame, and stupid, and I hate saying things like that, but it’s the truth.

It all started over with me texting him I believe. Soon after breaking up with Mackenzie, I went to Marissa T.’s house one Friday. Marissa, Jr, Whitney, Mike, Jacob, Hannah, Cannon, and Joe were there (and Evan of course). We talked a lot and watched the other guys play Halo.

Then I had to leave because I had to go to Matt Couch’s surprise party. And Sarah’s birthday party. So, he walked me to my oh-so-lovely van, and we said goodbye.

Then, we found out we had Health Sci Tech together first period. That’s a 2 1/2 hour class. It has to be the best class ever. And we kept spending Fridays &some Saturdays together.

One particular Friday, (January 21st) I went over to Jr’s house and  “intruded” on a boy’s night (so did Marissa, but she had to leave because there weren’t any parents home) and me and Evan somewhat held hands and it was nice. I kinda was being mean though (according to Cannon), but eventually it was great in the end.

Another Friday (January 28th) I went over to Jr’s and it was perfect. I got to sit in the lazyboy chair sorta thing and Evan eventually sat in it with me. So, we were kinda really squished but it wasn’t so bad. Then, he drove me home and it was kinda all awk when we were standing at my door.. But I just hugged him then went inside. I mean, I wanted him to kiss me, but I was uberly nervous, so I couldn’t. Oh and that night his fb status was: Vanilla…. 🙂 . It took me FOREVER to get what the heckle he was talkin’ about, but I FINALLY remembered I smell like vanilla. haha yeahh …

February 3rd (I think..) I went over to Jr’s house (once again…) and Evan and him attacked me with silly string. HOW was I supposed to know that “Defend yourself” with a silly string can meant to DEFEND myself from them? Anyways, I was just COVERED with silly string (they had two cans EACH) and barely got them… It was hilarious and EVERYWHERE.

It’s going great. I am loving life. 🙂


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