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Love them to death.

Saturday, February 5th.

Is that wedding bells I hear?

Yes, I am apparently getting married, once again. (I have had a few “husbands” [and wives…]).

And now apparently, I am engaged to Evan. According to his bus driver.

So, Saturday night Evan asks if I want to go to the mall. So I do, and I meet him, Mike, Jr, and Jacob there. We walk around basically the ENTIRE mall (it’s a LONG walk to, because Grapevine Mills Mall is one story and huge) and Evan has been hinting he’s going to do something, but I have no idea what it is.

Finally, I get what he was talking about. He takes me by the hand and forces me into a diamond store and tells the Indian man that he is looking for an engagement ring. I swear my face has never been SO red. I was so embarrassed.

We of course can’t find anything (and we’re not really getting engaged) and leave. Gosh, I was so embarrassed.

Later, Mike and Jacob have to leave so it’s just Evan, Jr, and I. THEN, we see the Group USA store with all the wedding dresses. LIGHTBULB, Evan suggest we go look for a wedding dress.

Hardy Har-Har.

But we go in and just look at dresses for like ever.

Eventually we get bored, and leave. (Oh! Did I mention me and Evan were holding hands the entire time too? And apparently there’s some he gives 90%, I give 10% hand-hold rule…)

And then we get bored of the mall, and leave to Jr’s house. But Evan’s dad calls and says he has to come home ASAP, so he drops off Jr and me n Jr just chill at his house with Hot Joe and Joe-da-Hoe. And Jayda of course.

I FINALLY sing with Jr (fall for you) and he of course tells Evan it was amazing (I really CAN’T sing, at all). And it’s kinda fun. Hanging out with them all.

Then, it’s like 11, so I go home.

The end. 🙂 haha .


Heart & Soul

I have just about the best friend ever.

She’s pretty, funny, and is the sister I never had. (Even though I have 3 sisters…) She’s practically my twin and I love her so much.

But, recently a boy ruined her heart. Now, she’s sad, and always feeling sorry for herself. She always is talking to me about this stuff and it’s just so sad cause pity is never good. She needs compassion.

So question: Is there somewhere out there for everyone? Because she’s not the only one feeling like there’s no one out there. I mean, I do, too. In 30 years, I see myself being a full-time nurse, who works ALL the time with a gazillion pets. I won’t be married, have kids, or even own a real house. I’ll be alone. Why? Not sure. That’s just what it feels like it’s gonna be. Where are all the soul mates? I’m tired of waiting for mine… But who knows? Maybe I’ll be happy being alone.


Eat. Love. Pray.


Saw Eat. Pray. Love. today. It was great. I would love to travel the world like she did…. But I’ve decided to overlook where how my life is right now…

Eat. – I love food. I’ve stopped trying to not eat, and sadly, I’ve been OVER-eating.

Love. – Boys have sucked. There’s this nerdy-ish guy Ryan who’s nice and funny, just EXTREMELY quiet. He supposedly likes me but he’s my friend’s ex’s best friend. Yeah… AND My friend was just hurt by a guy she loved. I want him to go to jail, but her mom and her don’t so everyone has to stay silent. I shouldn’t really hate people, but goodness. I hate him. So the “Love” department is closed for repairs… But I have many years to find love. I mean I don’t want to get married before I’m 25, so I have at least 9 years…

Pray. – I suck in religion right now. I haven’t made the best decisions, but they aren’t been too terrible. But still I should pray more. Maybe less bad things would happen…

So, life has been the greatest right now, but maybe it’ll get better?

Just gotta strive for good.

Kinda forgot to do that recently… Just got to keep reminding myself.

Have a great day(: If anyone’s reading…