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I love Valentine’s Day.

Okay, it’s not Valentine’s Day YET, but already, I love it.

Today, I had to work from 2:30-10:30 and REALLY didn’t want to because I wanted to hanging out with Evan, and Jr and everyone else, AND Jr had said that him & Evan were going to visit and it had been like 3 hours that had passed since he said that, so I was kind of mad.

Then, this girl comes in (apparently she had asked my manager Clares for me, but I didn’t know this till later) with her friend & some guy and asks me to help her find a gift for her little sister. A pink, sparkly shirt. I work at Justice for Girls; pink and sparkly ISN’T exactly uncommon there. So, I was kind of confused what she was looking for, so I go ask Clares who was folding the jean wall. And THEN! Pops out Evan, holding a stuffed animal and roses. I just about died.

THEN! He’s all, “Chocolate!” and there’s Joe throwing him a heart-shaped chocolate box. Then he’s all, “Other chocolate box!” and Jr comes running over and throws it to him (Jr went to the wrong side so that’s why he was running over.. haha). Then he’s all, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I was smiling so much my face was hurting.

Clares LOVED it, too. Almost more than I did. She was FREAKING out and even dragged Evelyn from the bathroom to come watch.

And after ALL that, Evan has me turn around and he puts a necklace on me (it’s so cute- it has a guitar on it too!!). I honestly can’t ask for a better suprise.

Then he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, I died of happiness, gave Joe da hoe a hug, then Jr a hug, then Evan another hug. It was the best thing of my life.

And that was my day(:

OH! and earlier on break, I walked past some thug looking guy and he was all, “DAMN girl!” I just about died of laughter right then and there. Hilarious.

Best day ever(: