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Friday, February 4th.

Friday, Friday, Friday.

February 4th, 2011 was one of the best days ever.

Basically it went like this:

12:40ish- Go over to Cannon’s. Walk to some park with Cannon, Jr, Evan, and Joe.

Later, Jacob joins us.

We slide down the hill a bunch of times, then attempt to make some kind of fort, fail, then have a big snowball fight.

Walk to Evan’s house, watch Tosh.0, then the Linkin Park concert on MTV.

Jr and Evan try to get me to sing, and fail. (Later on, I slightly sing to fall for you while Jr is on the piano, but Evan was standing right next to me so i was as quite as possible.)

During the Linkin Park Concert, Marissa comes over.

They try to fix the XBOX and fail. So they settle on some Fox game, & Mario Kart.

Hannah comes over.

Me and Evan are sitting by each other and holding hands(:

Laterrr, we watch Cast Away. I keep getting told how pretty I am, CONSTANTLY. And he kept kissing my hand.

After Cast Away, Evan gives me a back massage (it was heavenly) and sings to me while doing this (also heavenly). And the whole time he kept kissing my shoulders and neck. Which sent literal CHILLs down my spine.

Everyone starts going home, and eventually it’s just me and Evan.

I knew it was coming, like really knew. Evan laughs, and I’m all “What?” and he’s all it’s nothing, it’s stupid. And I’m all OKAY now you have to tell me. And he says:

“I really want to kiss you.”

My oh-so-stupid line:

“Then, why don’t you?”

Then we kiss. It was like in the movies. Fireworks.

Even if he wasn’t a very good kisser… haha.

But it was magical. And I loved every minute of it.

10:30 – My dad comes to pick me up. And I go home.

That was my magical Friday. Our first kiss.